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July 23, 2020

Why Should You Rekey After Buying a New House?

The excitement and feeling that comes with buying a new house is usually great. You will be preoccupied with things like mortgage payments, parking and unloading your belongings, and probably how to live peacefully with your new neighbors. Such thoughts will keep most new homeowners busy that they forget one very important issue:

The security fortification of their new home!

Daily, we answer lots of questions from homeowners but recently, clarifications about the difference between rekeying and buying a new lock has been consistent.  So, in this article, our experts will satisfy your curiosity about rekeying and the need for every new homeowner to put it into consideration.

What is Rekeying a Lock?

Though it sounds technical but its simple to understand. Rekeying is a process whereby the locksmith dismantles the lock cylinder to change the pins and springs. This process alters the lock mechanism so that the old key cannot be used to open the lock. The locksmith then provides a new key for the lock.

Why You Should Rekey After Buying a New House? 

For Your Safety and Security

When moving into a new house, your security should be your top priority.  It is a common practice for owners to create spare keys and hand a few extra sets to trusted neighbors and acquaintances. If you don’t rekey your locks, you may be surprised to suddenly find strangers inside your home. Failure to rekey also puts your loved ones at risk because your security can be compromised at any time.

Rekeying Is Cheaper Than Changing Locks 

Rekeying a lock involves changing the lock mechanism so that it can be operated by another key. Since it involves changing the pins and springs, it is usually cheaper than charging the entire locks. Locksmiths will even charge more money to changing the entire locks than to rekey the locks. Lock Around the Clock Locksmiths makes rekeying, simple quick, and affordable.  Never underestimate the importance of Rekeying when you parked into a new apartment or you feel that your security has been compromised. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Some homeowners have made mistakes of not rekeying and have when things go wrong, they find it hard to forgive themselves. 

It Helps Homeowners to Get Insurance Claims Faster 

Many insurance companies frown at folks who don’t rekey their new homes after they move in. Not rekeying or upgrading the house is like giving intruders free entry into your home. When you make claims, most insurance companies will want to see signs of forced entry. They want to make sure your neglect was not the underlying cause of the issue. 
It is usually best to rekey your home using only certified professionals. Locksmith services provided by Lock Around The Clock is just what you need. Unlike changing physical locks, our certified locksmiths will remove the springs and pins within your locks and replace them with an entirely new set.  Once you do this, you have been able to take full control of your home or office.  What is more, once you rekey your home, you are putting the safety and security of your family as a top priority. 

Lock Around The Clock Locksmiths is fast, reliable, and efficient. Just put a call through to us and you’ll get a swift response from highly trained reliable and trustworthy locksmiths who will come to your assistance.