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May 25, 2021

Why Bump Keys Don’t Work On Cars 

Lock bumping is the process of opening a common cylinder lock by using a specialized cut key to align the pins. This unique key is called a bump key. They are used to manipulate or open pin-tumbler locks. Lock bumping was classified as a security concern around 2002 because of its potential to open pin-tumbler locks. 
Though lock bumping might seem like a universal technique for compromising our security, the good news is that it has limitations.
Bump keys cannot be used to open automobiles. So why will bump keys open normal locks but cannot work on car locks?
We will discuss all bump keys, how they work and the tips to fortify your security against burglars.

How a Bump Key Works

Insert the bump key into a lock, move it around for the pins inside the lock to align. It is a simple process. The operator only applies minimum pressure and a slight twist of the key, then the lock will open.
A professional locksmith can use the bump key to open a pin-tumbler lock within a minute or two. Unfortunately, thieves and burglars have used the bump keys in gaining access to various properties. Some staggering home invasion statistics by creditdonkey.com stated that about 35% of home invasions show no sign of forced entry. Meaning, the perpetrators used bump keys to gain access!

Why Bump Keys Do Not Work On Cars?

Bump keys are designed to manipulate and open standard pin tumbler locks. The bump keys can never match with the internal mechanism of the vehicle security system because cars use either wafer locks or sliders.
The burglar may try to use the common "pull-back" method but will end up damaging the car lock or breaking the key. 
More so, car security systems have become more sophisticated. Apart from key fob or transponder keys, cars using the traditional lock system now has motion detectors and audio sensors.

The Vehicle Equivalent of a Bump Key

Jiggle keys also known as auto jigglers or tryout keys are the vehicle equivalent of a bump key. 
Jigglers are cut in various patterns to manipulate non-transponder vehicle locks. They are cut to be used on car locks, pin-cylinder locks, cabinet locks, and wafer locks. Using the jigglers is similar to rocking a pin tumbler lock and burglars try to use them in opening the car lock.

Securing your Car against Theft

From a security standpoint, there are various bypasses for ignitions and locks. Most cars with outdated security systems are at risk of being compromised because criminals are not relenting in their quest to improve their skills in theft.
Nevertheless, with the continuous upgrade by an experienced locksmith, we will reduce the security vulnerabilities in your vehicle. At Lock Around The Clock, we will help optimize the security system of your vehicle. Do not be afraid of the cost, just give us a call for a car security upgrade and we can work within your budget to provide the desired results.