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November 12, 2021

When To Call 911 Instead Of A Locksmith

Whether we like it or not, we must experience a major emergency in our lifetime. Emergencies are severe situations requiring immediate action. But our safety should always take precedence over privacy and property in a dangerous scenario. We wouldn’t get caught off guard by emergencies if we can predict the future.

Unfortunately, no one could and that’s why there are emergency services — specifically for emergencies.

Here are reasons to call emergency services instead of a nearby locksmith in Albuquerque.

  • Someone is Trapped in a House or a Car

Don't try to open the door when there's no way out because you might cause more severe damage. Glance at windows to see if you can communicate with the person before breaking them with any available tool. A person can suffer from hypothermia or hyperthermia quickly. So if you cannot bring them out as soon as possible, call emergency services immediately to rescue the situation.

There is a whole domino effect of emotions during lockout situations. And if the person is trapped in a confined place, you will need medical attention. A locksmith is only needed to repair or install new locks. However, the life of the person is sacrosanct and that is why you should call the police or medical professionals.

  • Burglars Have Broken Into Your Home

In this situation, your home can be considered a crime scene. You should inform the police immediately to take records and start an investigation.

Additionally, emergency responders can also notify you about any other case that might be happening nearby.

  • Fire Outbreak

Let emergency responders assist you during a fire outbreak. They will arrive as fast as possible to save lives. If the situation becomes helpless, break windows or doors to get there quickly. They'll prioritize life, so make sure you get emergency responders the quickest way possible.

You can only consider locksmiths when the situation is under control and less chaotic.

  • Home Invasion

If you see a crime happening, like a break-in, get to safety and call the police. A locksmith has nothing to offer when it comes to apprehending criminals.

They can only come to rekey the locks or install new ones.

  • A Car Accident

From minor to serious accidents, you have to call and report to the authorities. The doors of the car might be jammed or locked automatically because of the impact. That alone is a threat to the lives of the victims. Call the police and also try to open the door to get people out.

Keep Emergency Contacts Nearby

Dialing 911 during emergencies is the smartest way to save a life. You can dial from a telephone or mobile device and the system will link you to an emergency dispatch office—called a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). The receiver will determine what you need and send emergency responders to your location.

We only encourage residents to call a locksmith when there is a lock and key-related emergency.

Apart from life-threatening emergencies, call an emergency locksmith from Lock Around The Clock when you have a lock and key issues. We are always available whenever you need us!