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June 09, 2021

What Is A Cruciform Lock?

The cruciform lock is a unique type of lock also known as cross lock because it looks like a plus sign (+). Lock enthusiasts in Europe call it the “Zeiss” lock, after the original inventor. It has a compact keyway because it is a combination of four locks built upon a single key. As the name implies, the ‘cruciform’ means “to form or arrange on a cross Lock’.
Literally, this lock is strange to most people. That is why potential users are eager to know how it works, the etymology of the lock, and the extent of protection it could offer. Read on to find out more about the cruciform lock.


Most people use the cruciform keyways on steering wheel locks. The company SentrySafe used it in one of its safe models and since then, it became a choice lock to other manufacturers.
Some homeowners who knows the efficacy prefer to use this lock in their garage. Though it could be described as one of the rarest locks out there, it is still very effective because it is a combination of the standard pin tumbler and the tubular lock. The cruciform is so effective and has become one of the surest locks for safeguarding lives and properties.
The usefulness of the cruciform lock depends on the purpose and the brand which determines your protection.

How do they work?

The cruciform lock has a cup bolt system and four cutting lines that represent each system. The minimum number of pins for each cross lock is 16 while you can get improved units with 20 pins.
The correct entry of the key is hidden among the four entry keyways. It is only the homeowner that knows the correct entryway. Once you insert the key through the right entryway and turn mildly, it will open or close.
The complexity of this lock makes it a top choice for industrial facilities. The cruciform lock is more secure than traditional locks because of its complex 4-way system opening. It is a strong and highly efficient lock that can be used for different purposes.

Can the Cruciform Lock Be Picked?

Though it is designed to confuse criminals and vandals, however, picking the cruciform lock is more difficult but can be accomplished using the right tools.
There are methods to pick this lock such as the tension prongs, tension wheel plunger, threaded shaft, and shield. All the picking methods can only succeed when you turn the inside mechanism of the lock – this can be a herculean task though!

Do You Want To Experience The Effectiveness Of The Cruciform Lock?

You are missing a lot if you’ve not used the cruciform lock in your car, home, or office. Its design and configuration is always strange to burglars which makes it way better than the traditional lock.  At Lock Around The Clock, we can help you install the cruciform locks in your home or commercial facility. Call us today to help you install a cruciform lock. We stand out from other locksmith service providers because of our efficiency in service delivery and budget-friendly rates.