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January 02, 2021

Ways a Locksmith Can Help You Reinforce Your Front Door

Because your front door is more likely to be the first barrier a burglar will encounter, it’s vital you bolster this primary point of entry. Reinforcing your door will provide you with the peace of mind that comes from having a well-secured door. Here are three things you can do to strengthen your front door, including ways a locksmith can help you in each of these regards.

Reinforce Your Door Jamb

Make sure the setscrews used to connect your door hinges to the door jamb are at least three and a half inches in length. This will help fasten the screws into the jamb. For extra protection, get hinge shields and mount them over your door hinges to conceal the hinges and protect them from attacks.
The locking side of the jam is another place you need to fortify. Install an extended piece of steel on your strike plate for added strength. But ensure to use the right gauge so your door continues to stick without problems. Having all these door jamb reinforcements done will protect your door from kicking and ramming attacks used by criminals.
To reinforce your door the right way, however, the expertise and knowledge of an experienced locksmith are usually required. One reason is that expert locksmiths will first access your door before commencing work to determine the perfect materials for the job. If you need help, experts at Lock Around The Clock will be glad to provide professional assistance.

Use Secure Door Locks

A secured lock is another piece of device you can use to strengthen or support your door security. Never forget that your door is only as secure as the lock on the door.
Experts recommend grade 1 deadbolts and mortise locks. Highly secured electronic and smart locks can also be used. Locks with a top-level of protection will withstand lock drilling, lock picking, and other kinds of lock defeating methods that easily compromise less secured, cheap locks.
For extra protection, consider installing a metal slipcover over an exposed door latch to prevent the latch from getting tampered with.
We need to add that proper installation of locks is also crucial. Here is where the expertise of a locksmith is required. If the lock is poorly fitted to the door, it becomes easy for a burglar to break the lock. Therefore, we recommend you to hire a competent locksmith for your lock installation or lock upgrades.

Changing the Workings of Your Lock

Due to possible compromise on your door lock, you might be required to reinforce your lock sooner rather than later. Fortunately, there are fast and cheap solutions, such as rekeying, that you can consider.
When it comes to rekeying, a locksmith will take apart your lock and replace some of the parts inside in such a way that any existing keys will no longer operate the lock. So, even if anyone with the existing copy of your key is planning some form of covert entry, they will be disappointed since the old keys will work no more. To discover whether this solution will be practical in your situation, get a locksmith.


Strengthening and supporting your door in the ways discussed above will provide confidence and peace of mind that your door is well-secured. To, however, eliminate costly mistakes when putting any of these measures in place, consider seeking expert help. And if you’re looking for a local locksmith company with have years of experience helping both commercial and residential properties to strengthen their door security, contact us at Lock Around The Clock.