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August 17, 2021

Things To Know Before Installing a Keypad Door Lock

New technology and electronics are increasingly becoming popular among home and business owners because of the convenience they offer. People are getting tired of handling a bunch of keys plus the issues that come with the conventional lock and key systems.
However, before adopting new technology, there are few things you should consider to avoid running into muddy waters. Lock Around The Clock has put together this resource to help you go keyless and safeguard your property. You will get to know the critical considerations and advantages of installing keypad locks. Read to learn more!

The Keypad Door Lock

This is a conventional type of lock that has been designed to use numerical code in granting entry to a facility or property. The user is supposed to punch in the codes via a numerical pad. If the imputed code is correct, the lock will open and grant access to the user. With a keypad lock installed on your property, you don’t need to worry about losing your keys or being locked out because of a broken key. All you need is to remember the right code to gain access to your home or office.

Two Types of Keypad Locks

Electronic and Mechanical Keypad Door Locks

An electronic keypad door lock is powered by a battery. They are said to be energy-dependent and not recommended for homeowners who lack a maintenance culture. They (electronic keypads) are convenient to install, easy to reprogram, and have multiple codes. However, there are designs that can be hardwired into a grid-based power supply.
On the other hand, the mechanical types do not use batteries or any form of electricity. Usually, the mechanical keypad locks are ductile and can survive in harsh conditions.
If you want a lock that will continue to work under harsh weather and repetitive use, install a keypad door lock that is mechanical.

The Cost of Keypad Locks

Basically, keypad lock systems are more expensive than traditional locks. The reason for their high cost is not far-fetched – they offer more convenience, security, and other benefits to users. More so, the keypad door lock with a motorized bolt actuator costs more than the normal ones because programming and additional services may be required to make them work more effectively.

Installation Process for Keypad Door Lock Systems

Just like any standard lock, keypad door lock systems can easily be installed on any door or frame. This is against the perception of some homeowners that the installation procedure is cumbersome and takes time. Whether it is a mechanical or electronic keypad lock, experienced locksmith at Lock Around The Clock can install it in no time.

Enhanced Security for your Home and Office

Based on the features that are integrated with the keypad door locks, they are, therefore, more secure than traditional deadbolts. They cannot be picked or bumped like conventional locks because they do not have cylinder mechanisms, and keypad locks complement smart home systems nicely.
Call Lock Around The Clock for the installation of keypad locks in your property and eliminate the necessity of caring keys.