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April 17, 2021

Reasons Your Car Key isn’t Working

There is never a good time for your car key to malfunction. Especially not on those days when you need to get something urgently from your car or go somewhere, only to realize that your car key is not working. Frustrating, right?

Unfortunately, such incidents can happen at any time, leaving you wondering what could have gone wrong. Not to worry, here, we outline some of the common reasons your car key isn’t working. 

Your Car Key Is Damaged

Obviously, something is wrong when your car key is not working. Look out for a sign of damage. Is it bent, broken, or is there a crack on it? Check if the key is worn out, too. Any deformation in your key can make it not align properly with the lock chamber, and therefore won’t work.

For cars with remote fob, it could be due to internal damage of its components. Repeated use can wear them down. Accidents can misalign the components, or water may enter the fob to distort its transmission. Any of these factors could affect the key and prevent it from working as it should.

The Battery Is Down

If you are having trouble using your remote key, chances are that the battery may be out of juice. This happens regularly, but you may not know until you try punching the keys to realize it is not working. The first step is to replace the batteries. If it doesn’t work, the problem may be worse than a weak battery. Give us a call at Lock Around the Clock and we’ll help you to get car key replacement in no time.

The Transponder Is Not Properly Programmed

Modern remote car keys with transponders rely on codes to unlock your car. These codes are unique to your car and transponder, and your car unlocks only when there is a match. However, if the programming is faulty, the remote car key may not work properly.

At Lock Around the Clock, our team of professionals will program your car key with factory precision. Whether you are looking to replace your key or trying to get a duplicate, we are available to program your transponder with such quality that it will never leave you stranded again.

The Lock Chamber Is Faulty

Sometimes, we so much focus on the car key but fail to realize that the lock chamber may be the problem. Your car lock system depends on your car key and the lock chamber to work. And when it doesn’t work, it could be that the lock chamber is faulty.

You may notice the fault when your car key cannot enter the chamber; when the key turns but does not start the car, or when the key cannot turn at all. These examples indicate that the chamber is faulty, and may render your key useless.

Are you Having Issues with Your Car Key? Then Call a Locksmith

At Lock Around the Clock, we are available in Albuquerque, NM to provide 24/7 services to make sure you don’t experience the frustration that comes with a car key problem. No matter the time or your location, we are always on hand to help you resolve your car key issue, whether it’s the car key or the lock chamber, or both that are faulty. Give us a call today and you’ll be glad you did.