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October 15, 2021

Products You Can Use To Find Your Lost Keys

How often have you lost your keys? Imagine coming out from an official meeting or a social gathering only to realize you lost your keys again.

It can be frustrating and expensive when you consistently lose your keys. Considering you have to break the locks where applicable and the inconvenience of waiting for the arrival of a locksmith. In some cases, the locks may be replaced, which is an added expense.

Thanks to technological advances, finding your lost keys easily is possible with key finders. Before we proceed to a few recommended products, Lock Around The Clock would like you to know what key finders are and how they work.

What are Key Finders?

Key finders are electronic devices, also known as key locators that help you find your lost keys easily. Generally, key finders come with a keychain tag that is attached to your keys.

Key finders connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and often have an integrated GPS function that helps you locate any lost item. By simply pressing a button on your cell phone, base station, or key finder remote, the key finder tag attached to your keys gives a loud beep so that you can find them easily.

Below are a few key finders options available:

Tile Mate

Tile Mate is one of the most affordable key finders. With Tile Mate, users can locate their lost keys within the range of 90 feet. It also boasts a rechargeable battery that lasts a year, including a two-way location feature, which allows you to locate your phone using your key tag.

Tile Pro

The Tile Pro key finder is an upgrade that features a 200-feet range and an "ultra-audible" alarm that is audible from a great distance. The Tile Pro is beneficial for finding keys in the house, particularly for customers with a Google Nest Mini or Nest Hub, allowing you to activate the Tile Pro key tracker with your voice.

Chipolo One

Featuring a 200-feet range and a 120-decibel alarm, the Chipolo One makes it easy to find lost keys. What differentiates Chipolo One is its unique feature that sends alerts directly to your smartphone, letting you know when your key is out of range.

The Chipolo One is equipped with a bright assortment of lights that flashes during a search, a battery lifespan of two years, and is also water-resistant, making it easy to find your lost keys even in the rain.

KeyRinger Key Finder

KeyRinger Key Finder is the loudest device on our list, and it gives off a loud noise that helps you find your lost keys quickly. It features a 300-feet range, a hard case that comes with a 2-year warranty.

Final Notes

Today, key finders are not very expensive and have become a necessity. These products are not just for those who lose their keys frequently but also for individuals who wish to save time. However, if you lost your keys and locked out of your home or vehicle, call our reliable locksmiths at Lock Around The Clock to provide prompt assistance.