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February 14, 2021

Preparing your Business for Holidays

Whether you run a boutique, restaurant, retail store, or other types of businesses, the holiday period involves much hustle and bustle. During this time, the security and safety of everyone coming into your business need to be enhanced. When preparing for any upcoming holiday, here are tips from the security experts at Lock Around The Clock to keep in mind.

Review Business Policies With Employees
It's never too early to review your business security policy with all employees to ensure everyone is on the same page. Make sure everyone is clear about company security procedures when it comes to locking up valuables when everyone is on leave, rules about allowing/inviting guests into the workplace, and security action plan for emergency situations.

If your business hires seasonal workers during holidays to handle increased work demands, communicate company policies and protocols on theft with part-time workers as soon as possible, so they know how to protect inventory.

Put Appropriate Security Systems in Place
Put in place security systems or test the ones you already have for efficiency. First, review surveillance cameras, making sure they are working properly. Having these security devices set up correctly can help your business mitigate both customer and employee theft. If you’re running a retail store, know that shoplifters like to take advantage of times when employees are busy attending to customers to steal. For this reason, consider placing security cameras in plain sight to deter thieves. 

Also, consider having supervisors visible on the sales floor. This will not only curb theft but also keep in check employees who slack at work. And don’t forget to check other security systems such as alarm systems, panic buttons, or cybersecurity software you might have in place, making sure they are working fine.

Create a Safe Working Place
The safety of your employees and customers is as important as their security. Therefore, promote safe practices, especially during times of increased foot traffic, inventory, and decorations. Even where there’s more inventory, don’t overstock shelves with too many products to prevent merchandise from falling onto staff and customers. Also, keep paper decorated trees and wreaths far from heat or ignition sources to prevent fire outbreaks. Be sure that decorations don’t cover emergency exit signs or exit points.
Secure Your Entry Points
It’s also during holidays that many burglars come out of their hiding place to search for the next victim. If you have a business that stocks up inventory, make sure your entryways and windows are properly locked. This is especially important when you’re closed for business, i.e., after business hours or when everyone is on holiday leave. But locking up your store, shop, or office is not going to matter if you rely on weak locks or a compromised locking system. 

To ensure the right lock is on your business doors, let one of our qualified locksmiths at Lock Around The Clock come to your working space for inspection. Our experts are well-trained and qualified to provide you with any help you may need.

Applying all these tips before and during holidays will not only keep your business a secured premise for both customers and employees but also make it a safe place to be. Do you need help while checking the working condition of your security system? Contact the experts at Lock Around The Clock today. 

We have licensed and insured locksmiths who handle commercial lock and security system solutions. Talk with our customer care representative today to discuss your needs and get the help you need.