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December 16, 2021

How a Car Locksmith Can Save Your Day

Experiencing emergency lockout is somehow inevitable as a car owner. You can imagine how frustrating it could be when you discover that your car key is missing! The first thought could be to save time and money by breaking in.

If you are locked out of your car, do not get tensed! Contact a reliable auto locksmith and for sure, you'd get the solution to the problem. Recently, lockout emergencies can be handled faster and more efficiently. Thanks to the technological advancement in the automotive industry. Here we discussed some situations where you need the help of an auto locksmith.

Lost Car Keys

From statistics, more than 26% of drivers lose their car keys every year. It will also surprise you that most people lose their keys at work. While a significant percentage lose their keys when shopping.

Even with all the information in print and online media, it is unfortunate that cases of lost car keys are still on the increase. Losing your car keys is not just frustrating, it is time-consuming and expensive. However, when you have a reliable locksmith to cut a new key or handle the fob programming, it becomes less stressful. Key replacement is one of the major duties of the automotive locksmith. You should always rely on vehicle locksmiths from Lock Around The Clock if you have any problem with the security system of your car.

Locked Out!

Ever closed the door of your vehicle with the keys inside? Most car owners a locked out when they are in a hurry. You rush out of your car, close the door, only to notice that you cannot open it because the key is inside. If you do not have a spare key, then it means a lot of trouble.

Do not panic because handling lockout situations is one of the expertise of an automobile locksmith. Once you call, a reliable company will not hesitate in sending a trained professional to your location. The mobile auto locksmith will always be a life-saver. At Lock Around The Clock, we handle lockout emergencies with the attention it deserves.

Stuck, Damaged, or Broken Keys

Under certain circumstances, your key can get stuck in the ignition and may be broken if you apply so much force to remove it.

A stuck or damaged key requires the attention of a professional. No individual can cut your key with optimum precision than a trained auto locksmith. A locksmith will always proffer a solution when you have issues with the security system of your car.

Issues with your Key FOB

Sophisticated car security systems can get jammed or suddenly develop issues that are difficult to troubleshoot by a non-professional. The problem could be a low battery, faulty ignition cylinder, internal damage to the key fob, and wrong configuration. It is the responsibility of the locksmith to identify the fault and also rectify it as fast as possible. We can reprogram the key fob using simple and complex tools.

If you are having issues with the keys or security system of your car, call Lock Around The Clock.