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May 21, 2021

4 Solutions for A Garage Door Lockout

Have you been locked out of your garage and can’t figure out how to get it open? It seems like you need Lock Around The Clock! We can help you get back into your garage in no time. We offer a wide variety of locksmith services and we can help you with just about any issue!
When it comes to being locked out of your garage, you may think you have no options but to tear your door down – that’s never the case! We listed out 4 solutions for you to try when it comes to getting back into your locked garage.

4 Solutions for a garage door lockout:

1.    Manual override

On every garage door, there is a manual release cord that you can pull to open your door. To open your garage door using the manual release cord, all you have to do is find something that can be used to reach and pull the cord, hook it, and pull the cord towards you. This will manually override the garage door and it will open freely. 

2.    Side doors

Most builders include side doors in every garage they put up (well, they should) so you can also use those side doors as a way to get into and out of your garage. If your side door is always locked, there are ways to open it without the key, such as the credit card method. This method will only open doors that use a regular handle and knob – not deadbolts or padlocks. This method can cause your credit card to bend and scratch, so be careful with which card you use. 

3.    Forced entry

While forcing your way through your garage door isn’t always the best option, sometimes it’s the only option. If you have a newer, higher-tech garage door, this may be your only way of getting in. This method will end in your lock being broken, but don’t worry – we can fix that after you get your door open!

The most reliable way of forced entry is by drilling a lock with a power drill. To do this, you’ll have to drill into the lock’s core and increase the width of your drill bit as you go. When the hole is big enough, you can then insert a flat head screwdriver and turn the lock.

4.    Make new keys

When it comes to being locked out of your garage, making a new key is always an option. This is the easiest and least destructive option you’ll have to open your garage door. Another option is getting a new garage remote that will allow the automatic open function on your garage door to work. This will require professional assistance, but here at Lock Around The Clock, getting you into your garage will never be an issue.

If you choose to get a new garage remote, that’s great. But you should know that not all locksmiths have the ability to provide this service. Don’t worry – Lock Around The Clock does! We are able to get you a new lock or remote so you can get back into your garage with no issues.

Here at Lock Around The Clock, we are able to help you with all your locksmith needs! Whether you need a new key made, or you need help getting into your garage – we can handle it all. Give us a call today and we will be there in no time!